3 Important Issues to Address Before Dental Implant Placement

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The loss of teeth can occur due to accidents or dental diseases like periodontitis or untreated tooth decay. If the missing teeth are not replaced, the underlying bone will shrink. Consequently, the jaw will lose its natural structure and appeal. Moreover, the teeth around the gap will shift, causing alignment problems. Therefore, if you are missing a tooth, plan for immediate resolution. The most recommended treatment is the placement of dental implants.

11 November 2022

How the Latest Guiding Software Helps Your Dental Implant Surgeon

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If you are thinking about having dental implants to make up for years of decay or inattention, you'll want to entrust the work to experienced professionals. You will certainly be pleased to hear about the latest technology that makes the job of these experts even more straightforward and that helps to secure a positive outcome for discerning patients. What do you need to know about these advances? Cone Beam Scanner

7 February 2022