Dental Botox Benefits: Why You Should Go to a Dentist for Botox

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Many people go to a plastic surgeon for Botox treatments. After all, plastic surgeons specialise in helping their patients look younger and more attractive. But a dentist trained in Botox treatments is also a great option for a person that wishes to look more youthful by reducing wrinkles.

If you are considering Botox treatment, then here are some good reasons why a cosmetic dentist might be the right person to administer this treatment for you.

Dentists are highly knowledgeable about facial anatomy

Just like plastic surgeons and dermatologists, dentists receive a lot of training in facial anatomy and orofacial structures. And because dentists work with the mouth and its supporting structures on a daily basis, they understand the aesthetics of facial beauty. If you want to treat wrinkles or fine lines around your chin and mouth, an experienced dentist can help by administering Botox injections.

One particular problem that dentists specialise in is treating gummy smiles with Botox. By stopping the nerve impulses that cause the lips to contract when you smile, dental Botox can eliminate gummy smiles for several months while the treatment lasts.

Dentists can pair Botox with dental treatments

A good dentist can pair Botox treatment with dental treatments to give you a more comprehensive approach to looking younger. For instance, if you want to improve your overall look, you can see a cosmetic dentist to tailor a treatment program that will treat both your face and your teeth.

If your teeth are stained or chipped, and you have wrinkles around your mouth, you can see a cosmetic dentist to provide Botox for your wrinkles and composite bonding or teeth whitening for the tooth stains. The ability to have all your treatment done in one place and by the same person will save you time and possibly, money.

Dentists can treat pain with Botox treatment

If you suffer from painful conditions that affect your face or head, dental Botox can treat these issues too. For instance, for migraines, a dentist can inject Botox into the muscles of your head to provide you with pain relief for several months.

In addition, if you suffer from pain due to TMJ disorder, a dentist can reduce pain in your jaw temporarily by injecting Botox into the area.

Are you considering investing in Botox in the future? Then consider using a dentist for your Botox treatment. A cosmetic dentist might be a better option than a plastic surgeon, especially if you have dental issues that you wish to treat as well. Visit a centre near you like Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre


14 October 2021

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