3 Ways to Take Care of Clear Aligners

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When it comes to orthodontic devices, patients can choose between metal and clear braces. The latter are more popular because they are convenient and easy to manage. Clear braces are not cheap; hence, you need to commit and comply with all care procedures to get the best possible results. This article highlights key things to avoid regarding clear aligners.

Avoid Hot Water when Cleaning 

Hot water is excellent for showering, doing laundry and scrubbing utensils. The reason for this is that a solution of hot water and detergent helps loosen dirt and grime. Therefore, some people think that they can use hot water to clean their clear braces. However, cleaning clear braces with hot water is the last thing you should do. Clear aligners are made of heat-sensitive plastic and can easily deform when you use hot water to clean them. Consequently, clear aligners will not fit inside your teeth, which might significantly affect your treatment. Therefore, you should always use cold water to clean your clear aligners.

Avoid Carbonated/Sugary Drinks 

Generally, carbonated, sugary or acidic drinks are bad for oral health. However, the beverages are a bigger problem for clear aligners; hence, you should never drink them while wearing the devices. The reason is that clear aligners are shaped like trays and have enough space to hold liquids. Therefore, when you drink soda or coffee while wearing clear aligners, the drink will get trapped within the device. Over time, trapped beverages erode your enamel, causing discolouration. Besides straightening your teeth, you will also have to worry about whitening them. If this does not sound too appealing, as it should, the only drink you should stick with is water. If you must drink carbonated beverages, do so without clear braces, but remember to rinse your teeth with water afterwards.

Avoid Eating With Clear Aligners 

One of the best things about clear aligners is that there is no limit to what you can eat once you have completed treatment. Until then, you need to be very cautious about eating with clear aligners on. In fact, orthodontists discourage patients from eating with their clear aligners on for the best results. Even if a snack is soft and you can chew it comfortably with clear aligners, you still need to avoid it. The objective is to prevent hard foods from deforming aligners and soft food particles from lodging inside the braces. Therefore, always remember to remove clear braces whenever you eat to protect the devices and maintain oral health.

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3 September 2021

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