3 Reasons To Take Your 6-Year-Old For Their First Invisalign Consultation Now

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Your child's smile will always be beautiful to you, but few children are born with perfect teeth. Many young children start showing signs of tooth misalignment when they still have their primary teeth (often known as milk or baby teeth). Over time, these issues can become more severe, leading to various dental issues from trouble chewing to difficulty sleeping. On top of that, young people with misaligned teeth often struggle to stay confident in their appearance. Thankfully, while you may have heard that braces and corrective treatments like Invisalign are only suitable for adults, your little one can actually begin orthodontic treatment as young as six years old. Read on for three compelling reasons on why you should book your child's first Invisalign consultation now. 

1. Early detection is crucial 

Technically, there's no upper age limit on getting Invisalign braces. However, the older your child gets, the more severe their tooth misalignment may become, and the more resistant the teeth become to moving. A young child's jawbones are still malleable, making it far easier for Invisalign to push their teeth into the correct position. As such, early detection and intervention is the best way to ensure your child grows up with the smile they'll want in adulthood. Your orthodontist will be able to spot overcrowding, excessive spacing, crooked or misplaced teeth and extra or missing teeth, alongside other early signs of dental problems such as difficulty eating and breathing. If they detect signs that your child will have severe tooth misalignment in later life, they'll be able to get treatment underway before the problem even begins.

2. They may spot other problems

While an orthodontist's primary role is to administer corrective treatments to teeth, they can also spot other dental problems at your child's first appointment. Even if your little one has perfectly straight teeth, there are plenty more common dental issues kids face. At the appointment, your orthodontist will be able to spot signs of tooth decay, gum disease, grinding and more, giving you a heads up so you can get them treated by a dentist as soon as possible.

3. There's now Invisalign for kids

Originally, Invisalign was designed for older teenagers and adults whose final teeth are already set in place. Now, however, you can actually get Invisalign aligners specifically for kids aged six to ten years old. While traditional braces have long been available for children, you can't beat Invisalign for your little one. With Invisalign, your child won't have any trouble eating or drinking, and they'll experience a lot less discomfort. On top of this, since Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, your child won't have to deal with the teasing many suffer after getting traditional "train track" braces. 

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4 August 2021

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